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HI PERFORMANCE 100W fm transmitter

FM transmitter with approval!

100 watts of pure clean flat stereo audio power!

100 watt stereo fm broadcast transmitter

Model : ZHC-100W-TX

Description: Professional FM transmitter (Exciter) with CD-quality broadcasting. All digital technology executes analog FM broadcast. DSP (Digital Signal processor) and DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis frequency) . Built with an advanced MCU control system and a big size LCD display and a columnar dynamic display for the audio signal. Supporting AES/EBU standard digital audio input. 100W RF power output with AGC. 19 inches stainless steel cabinet, 2U high.

Technical specifications:


Power voltage AC220VA±10% 50Hz (other can be ordered)
Power efficiency ≥60%
Heat elimination mode Fan cooled
RF frequency range 87.00MHz~108MHz, steps of 10KHz
Output power 100W
Output impedance 50Ω
RF output connector N (female)
Carrier frequency precision ±200Hz
Harmonic suppression >70dB
Parasitic amplitude modulation <-70 dB
Modulation frequency deviation ±75kHz (100%modulation)
Audio pre-emphasis: 0μs, 50μs, 75μs
Level difference of right and left <0.01 dB (100%modulation)
Signal-to-Noise 80dB, 1kHz (100%modulation)
Audio response: ±0.05dB, 10Hz~15KHz
Distortion <0.05%, 10 Hz ~15KHz
Stereo Separation 60dB, 10Hz~15KHz
Pilot frequency 19kHz±1Hz
Pilot frequency modulation 8%~10%
Analog audio input impedance 600Ω, balanced
Analog audio input level -10dBm~+10dBm, steps of 0.01 dBm
Digital audio input impedance 110Ω, balanced
Digital audio input level 0.2~10Vpp
  Digital audio sample rate 30kHz~96kHz